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Are you part of a defence unit? We feel strongly connected to you! For years we belonged to various specialist units. Now we are on the side that we can do something for your group.

For the design of your space, we look closely at the skills that must be programmed in your unit. So that during a deployment the movement has become automatic. Our work goes beyond merely placing materials.

By incorporating unit logos into the materials, we reinforce the group feeling. We have already realised this for many barracks at home and abroad.


A training facility tailored to practical situations. Sounds good? We would like to help you think about how to keep police personnel optimally fit and alert and how to train the muscles that are often needed in practice.

Shortage of space?
Sometimes a Strength & Conditioning facility is not feasible due to lack of space.
Have you ever thought about an outdoor mobile DeploymentBox with a roof? This allows you to train comfortably in all seasons. We are also happy to advise and assist you in the purchase and, if applicable, the (European) tendering process. This will save you time and give you the freedom to choose a supplier.


Would you like to be relieved of the entire process? We take care of the entire logistics for embassies abroad. And we work together with local parties.

The advice is always tailor-made, tailored to the different user groups of the sports facility. Is the sports facility located in/near your office building? We will discuss with you the options to reduce noise, such as the choice of floor material and the platforms for the barbell drops.

For the embassy in Kabul, we wrote a consultancy report on request (Strenght & Conditioning and rehabilitation room, sports/play and wet group) and made a 3D visualisation.